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Why You Shouldn’t Depend On Launches Alone For Traffic

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Happy Chinese New Year!)

After a week of enduring annoying relatives and embarrassing questions like “when are you getting married?”, looking at my autoresponder account results during the Chinese New Year more than makes up for it!


FYI these aren’t taken from days when there was a launch going on – in fact I didn’t plan for any product launch this month. Compared to the last few months, February had been rather unproductive for us here, with most people I know away or sick by strange coincidence, and the major holiday smacked into middle of the month.

Not long ago I was watching a video training with my team, and some of the lessons burned into my mind: “If you’re depending on JVs alone for source of traffic, you’re not in a real business” and “doing a launch in itself is not a real business”.

Don’t get me wrong: product launches are excellent money makers if done correctly – and heck I will still do.

But if you’re in the game long enough, you will see that even top affiliates come and go. Alliances are formed and also broken. More than 80% of the names on my leaderboards from years ago are today, a different breed of people.

So it makes sense to find other reliable traffic sources that continue to work even when there are no launches. (Interesting observation: many of the experts I studied usually have their own top 3 traffic source)

Between the product vendor and the guy with a mailing list, the one with the mailing list is more valuable – hands down.

New products entering the marketplace everyday are a dime a dozen. Mailing list owners and top rate affiliates? Not quite as many!

How Hustling Helps You Become Successful Faster

The past 3 months had been the most profitable quarter of 2014 – and the year isn’t over yet! Today I have a physical office premise with a team of digital product creators and together we created and marketed several products, three of which made JVZoo Pick Of The Day this quarter alone. Besides digital publishing, we also do digital publishing work for our clients – one of them went on to break bank with $420K in sales earlier this month using my sales copies and sales videos!

On other news, hardly a day goes by without an email or a Facebook message from a frustrated newbie about being stuck in neutral gear and he hasn’t been places yet.

No sales. No one talking to him. No one responding to him.

And on the occasion, I get accused of being that ‘lucky guru’. If you attended any of my seminars or know a little about my back story, I was anything but ‘lucky’ when I started out.

It might look like I’m basking on some glamour and maybe a bed of roses, but here’s the other half of the story not many people really know:

Exactly a year ago, I was sick with a serious case of gastric that made it painful for me to even sit upright at the computer. This agony went on for two months, so by the time I got back to the game I lost my ‘flow’.

When I reached out in new niches this year, I had to start all over again. I got more rejections and declines than I bothered to keep count every time I approached a big player in that niche.

Up until last year, not a single seminar organizer wanted me to speak at their event at all – even though I was willing to speak for free.

When I decided to leave the work-from-home lifestyle in favour of starting an office with physical team, I was not able to find a single person to work at my company for the first two months.

As you can see, it wasn’t a stroll in the park and man… I still remember how angry I was that nothing seemed to be working, and I injured my knuckle punching the wall to vent it all out.

In spite of my frustration however, I was somehow convinced that the trial was temporary. Tough times don’t last, tough men do.

So what did I do to turn around all of the above mentioned scenarios into positive results that I was craving for – that most newbies were dying to get there?

I hustled.

If you look at all the REALLY successful people you know, they hustle in one way or another. Some famous figures that come to mind are the likes of Donald Trump and Richard Branson.

Everything is energy and this is what I believe in – if you want to attract the right people to work with you, you need to make a SERIOUS effort to put yourself out.

Internet Marketing – like any business or anything else worthwhile – demands that you work smart and hustle at it. The results are usually not immediate, and this is where the test comes to separate the REAL PLAYERS from the rest of the wanna-bes with an entitlement attitude.

I imagine there’s a certain amount of effort you need to put into the ‘dynamo of success’ before you hit critical mass and finally the momentum start taking on a life of its own.


Hustling may not be any ground breaking secret, but you also won’t find this missing ingredient in any book, course or seminars you attend.

Are you ready to get up everyday and take every step closer to your dreams? Or run around in circles with the illusion that you’re doing something productive – and quick to blame when everything fails like a house of falling cards? Your call now. Happy hustling!

The Myth of Having a ‘Great’ Website

A few months ago when I spoke at E-Commerce Conference 2014, I shared a statistic that approximately 70% of the companies in Malaysia still do NOT have a website today (having a FB page does not count as a website!)

There’s almost 650,000 SMEs and nearly 5 million businesses registered in Malaysia as of last year – the numbers are definitely much BIGGER by now.


So to know that only 30% of these companies have a website is kinda disappointing, with all the funding, programs and ‘tech startup’ events we’ve got going on here.

The thing is: starting a website today is A LOT simpler than it was just several years ago.

You don’t need a fancy, custom site (are sites like eBay, Amazon, Google, etc. fancy? Hmmm…)

In fact, a WordPress site is quite enough on the get go. This is what most of my sites are built on. And yes, they’re ‘ugly’ when compared to slick ‘corporate’ sites.

THE REAL QUESTION IS THIS: how are you finding leads online?

The only method most conventional companies can think of is SEO – and the problem with that thinking is, okay, how many sites can get #1 or Page 1 ranking for a keyword?

And even those websites that are getting visitors are not converting them into paying customers optimumly.

Note that right now we have only 30% of the companies in Malaysia having an online presence. And when (not if) it hits 50%… 70%… 80% online presence?

Way I see it, if your business is not online yet – now is the best time to do it.

Again you don’t need a high-end website; a simple WordPress-based site is quite enough to build your Landing Page.

And I recommend using Facebook as the premier of your advertising strategy, for 2 reasons:

1. Immediate results

2. Targeted audience

Both of which I will elaborate further in another blog post.